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DCRL Leuphana Talk and Workshop

The politics and aesthetics of inventive infrastructures of repair This talk interleaves repair research across two contexts. Beginning first with Kampala, Uganda – a site where networks of…


Postdoctoral Researcher – Citizen Sense

I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Researcher on the ERC funded project Citizen Sense with PI Jennifer Gabrys and fellow Researcher Helen Pritchard. This project explores environmental sensing practices and citizen engagement – across pollution, urban and wild sensing configurations.


Symposium Keynote

Care – maintenance, repair and mending in a time of post-industrialism

ICTD 2016 Paper

Caring for the “next billion” mobile handsets: opening proprietary closures through the work of repair

Critical Breaking and Repair Workshop


The Maintainers Conference, New York, USA

Unsettled repair tools: The death of the J.A.F. Box

Maintenance, Repair and Beyond, Denver, USA


4S Presentation, Denver, USA

Temporalities of repair work: the ‘lives’ of mobile phones in downtown Kampala, Uganda