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Launch of “R3PAIR Volume”, a special issue of Continent.

Edited by Lara Houston, Daniela K. Rosner, Steven J. Jackson and Continent. Like all collaborative endeavors, bringing together an edited collection is about fixing as much as gathering…

The Timeliness of Repair

My thoughts on the temporality of repair for our special issue of Continent. “R3PAIR Volume”


DCRL Leuphana Talk and Workshop

The politics and aesthetics of inventive infrastructures of repair


Postdoctoral Researcher – Citizen Sense

I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Researcher on the ERC funded project Citizen Sense with PI Jennifer Gabrys and fellow Researcher Helen Pritchard. This project explores environmental sensing practices and citizen engagement – across pollution, urban and wild sensing configurations.


Symposium Keynote

Care – maintenance, repair and mending in a time of post-industrialism

ICTD 2016 Paper

Caring for the “next billion” mobile handsets: opening proprietary closures through the work of repair

CHI 2016 Values in Repair

This paper examines the question of “values in repair” — the distinct forms of meaning and care that may be built into human-technology interactions through individual and collective…

Critical Breaking and Repair Workshop


The Maintainers Conference, New York, USA

Unsettled repair tools: The death of the J.A.F. Box

Maintenance, Repair and Beyond, Denver, USA


4S Presentation, Denver, USA

Temporalities of repair work: the ‘lives’ of mobile phones in downtown Kampala, Uganda


Repair Work Ethnographies Workshop at ETH, Zurich, Switzerland


Seminar at Mobile Life, Stockholm, Sweden

‘Original’ and ‘Chinese’ mobile phones: how categorisation work performed in the repair workshops of Kampala suggests new directions for ‘postcolonial computing’.


MSR Workshop Reflections

Some reflections from the data policy workshop are now online.


Microsoft Research Workshop on Data Policy

Dialogues on data, policy and civic life

PhD Thesis Successfully Defended

Inventive Infrastructure: An Exploration of Mobile Phone Repair Practices in Downtown Kampala, Uganda

CHI 2013 Reclaiming Repair Workshop


Social Informatics Seminar, Edinburgh University, UK

Mobile phone repair networks in Kampala, Uganda: the role of “geeks and hackers”.